There are five departments in the EMC:

1. Department of Health Insurance & Retirement – Rev. Bill Jackson is the head of this department. The EMC has endorsed a pension fund for our clergy. This is set up in personal 403(b) accounts. The self-insured EMC health insurance was discontinued in 2002. There is available information on the insurance provider used by the Headquarters’ staff, missionaries, and several pastors for those clergy who are interested. Rev. Jackson can be contacted at: 765.966.2990 or email


2. Department of Multicultural Ministries – Rev. Lisa Walker is the director of this department. This department works with ethnic church plants in EMC Conferences, local churches, and in consultation with Conferences. Contact Lisa at: 706.255.3450 or email

If you would like to support the Department of Multicultural Ministries with your prayers and/or financial giving, please fill out the Support Pledge Form or to give go to our Online Giving Page.


3. Department of Prayer – Members of this department prepare the Prayer Connection insert in the denominational magazine, The Connection. The General Superintendent’s Prayer Partners list is maintained and a quarterly newsletter sent to over 1000 prayer partners. An email prayer communication is maintained among all the spouses of the EMC clergy.


4. Department of Stewardship and Development – Mr. Butch Hayes is the head of this department. He and members of the department conduct seminar weekends for stewardship and write wills for individual church members. The writing of wills is a free service of the General Church to all local churches. Contact Mr. Hayes for a weekend at your church at: 812.382.4192 or email or


5. Department of Publications – A headquarters staff person is the head of this department. The book store inventory and orders are managed by this department at the headquarters building site. An online store is also available for orders. The publications of A Look into Life, by Dr. J.H. Hamblen; Discipline of the Evangelical Methodist Church; Handbook of the Discipline; The Connection quarterly denominational magazine, and other brochures are produced by this department. For orders contact: 317.780.8017 or email