General Council, General Boards, Committees, and Departments

The General Conference between quadrennial sessions is represented by the executive body called the General Council. The General Council is comprised of the chairpersons of each General Board, Conference Superintendents, Presidents of the Evangelical Methodist Men, Women, and Youth, General Secretary/Treasurer, General Superintendent (Chairman) and the Mission Conference General Superintendent. This Council gives direction to the church by presenting programs and missional goals for the General Conference to adopt. This Council seeks to anticipate the future needs and continual growth of the church. (EMC Discipline ¶608).

The Missional Goals adopted by the 28th General Conference are:

  • Church Planting and Church Revitalization/Multiplication
  • Systematic Discipleship
  • Leadership Training
  • Youth Leadership Training and Outreach

The General Boards, Committees, and Departments are amenable and accountable to the General Council.

The majority of boards, committees, and departments meet annually and at such times as are necessary on the call of the chairman or by request of the General Superintendent.

The boards, committees, and departments have developed their own purpose and vision statements, along with the specifics of their major responsibilities.

The details and specifics can be found under “Boards”, “Departments”, and “Ministries” on this website.