Purpose Statement

To develop tools for ministry and facilitate their district conference level implementation in order to motivate outreach and growth in local churches.


  1. Endorsement and promotion of the General Conference Evangelists. Approval of the District Board of Ministerial Relations is required before the issuance of certificates and endorsement..
  2. Promotion of the denomination wide fifth Sunday ‘SEEDS OF FAITH’ offering for Century II Church Planting.
  3. Maintaining the Century II Church Planters Fund and approval of applicants. Applications require approval of the District Conference Board of Evangelism and the District Conference Superintendent of the District Conference in which they are located.
  4. Promote Church Restart and Redevelopment across the denomination with each district chairman trained in the procedures. When a local church membership and attendance declines to eight members and less than 12 in attendance a two year process called Mission Church Status begins. The District Board of Evangelism and the District Superintendent will assist the local pastor and leadership and a redevelopment plan will be implemented by the Conference. The details are found in the Discipline, par. 391.
  5. Develop and maintain with updates a written plan and strategies of church planting, church redevelopment and church restart for the denomination. An annual review is to be included in the report to General Council.
  6. Approve a Church Profile system for superintendents to use in the development of goals and strategies in the local church. In the 2006-2010 quadrennium each district superintendent is to ensure a church profile for each local church and report to the 2008 General Council meeting.

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