Ministerial Education

Purpose Statement

The Board of Ministerial Education will create an appropriate and comprehensive curriculum to facilitate the process of persons toward ordination, consecration, and ministerial service in the Evangelical Methodist Church, and, provide opportunities for continuing education.

The Board of Ministerial Education (BME) oversees the educational materials in the Course of Study, recommends the qualification and requirements for Educational Grants, and maintains the records of all people in the Course of Study. The Course of Study is not a substitute for a college or seminary education. In fact, that is the preferred path toward ordination. There are two paths of study in the Course of Study. One is the granting of ministerial orders for becoming an Elder in full connection with the Conference followed by ordination. The second is the Deacon & Deaconess path for consecration into the service ministry of the Evangelical Methodist Church (EMC).

In addition to the clerical maintenance and administration of the Course of Study, the BME will continue to partner with the Board of Ministerial Relations to ensure that persons being ordained and consecrated into ministry in the EMC are of the highest caliber and have been appropriately prepared educationally.

Additionally, the BME facilitates ongoing education by planning and hosting events that can be attended by persons in the Course of Study, by Ordained Elders, Consecrated Deacons/Deaconesses, and also by other church leaders.

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