Path to Credentials

Procedures for Persons Seeking EMC Credentials

  • In accordance with Chapter 3, ¶ 242, the pastor, after having interviewed and assessed an individual’s “call to ministry,” will recommend to the Annual Church Conference the candidate’s intent to pursue credentials in the Evangelical Methodist Church.
  • The Annual Church Conference will recommend the credential candidate to the Conference Superintendent who will initiate an interview with the candidate.
  • Upon the recommendation of the Conference Superintendent the credential candidate will complete and submit an online Application for Ministry form to the Conference Superintendent.
  • The Conference Superintendent will instruct the candidate to submit official college and/or seminary transcripts to the attention of the EMC General Secretary [official transcripts are retained at Headquarters and copies are forwarded to the Haggard School of Ministry (HSOM) or Evangelical School of Ministry (ESOM) Dean for evaluation].
  • The Conference Superintendent signs and submits the Application for Ministry to EMC Headquarters.
  • The General Board of Ministerial Relations (GBMR) will initiate a background investigation on all credential candidates.
  • Following a “clear” background investigation, the GBMR chairman will contact the candidate to schedule an interview.
  • Upon the recommendation of the GBMR, the candidate is either;
    1.  Referred to the General Board of Ministerial Education (GBME) to enroll in HSOM and/or ESOM, or
    2.  Moved directly to Admission on Trial.
  • (The HSOM or ESOM Deans will receive enrollment applications that can be downloaded from the EMC web site).
  • Credential candidates admitted to either HSOM or ESOM will complete the required courses for the particular credential sought (Deacon/Deaconess, Local Preacher, Elder).
  • The educational path for credential candidates without a bachelor degree can be as short as one year (Deacon/Deaconess) or as long as five years (Elder).
  • The Haggard School of Ministry prepares candidates without a bachelor degree in ministerial related resident and non-resident courses (HSOM & ESOM replaces the former Course of Study program).
  • The Chair of the GBME will notify the GBMR of the candidate’s successful completion of the appropriate credential requirements.
  • The Evangelical School of Ministry prepares candidates for Elders Orders who have completed either HSOM or hold a bachelors degree in a ministry related field.
  • Credential candidates with degrees from non-recognized EMC colleges or seminaries may be asked to attend specific classes in HSOM or ESOM. All ministerial candidates must attend “This is the EMC” regardless of their ministerial placement.Chapter 6, ¶ 872 of the Discipline of the Evangelical Methodist Church covers the procedures for “Receiving Ministers from Other Churches.”

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