Leadership Boards & Committees


(C=Clergy; L=Lay person)

Ministerial Relations (Elders)
Chair: John Phillips III (C)
Dori Halbert (C)
Tad Stinson (C)
John Hardman (C)
Jose Macias (C)
Jeff Williamson (C)

Chair: Stanley Morris (L)
Fred Guidi (C)
Bill Jackson (C)
Roger McKinley (L)
David Hayes (C)

Ministerial Education
Chair: William Dean (C)
Leroy Lindsay, Jr. (C)
Brian Donley (C)
Aaron Withrow (C)
John Phillips (C)
Mike Ghoslin (C)
William Ury (C), Consultant

Chair: Wes Mackey (C)
Rus Hooper (C)
Moba Kayeye (C)
Ernie Smith (C)
Lori Mackey (L)
Sue Lytle (L)
Russ Cochran (C)
James Halbert (C), Consultant

Christian Education
Chair: Debbie Miller (C)
Joan Dean (L)
Debbie Mumme (C)
Donna Lucas (C)
Diane Cowell (L)
Kay Lindsey (L)

Youth and Children’s Ministry
Chair: Brian Gordon (C) (Southeast)
Kevin Brouillette (C) (South)
Colleen Ghoslin (L) (West)
Tim Gardner (C) (Midwest)
Brent Sams (L) (Northeast)
Leah Williamson (L) (Northeast)
Russ VanNest (C), At large

Discipline Revision
Chair: Harold Thompson (C)
Robert Gober (C)
Bryant Madren (C)
Dean McColley (C)
Sean Wightman (C)
Don Greer (L)
Dorinda Baker (L)

World Missions
Chair: Bill Walker (C)
Harold Brown (C)
Ken Swearingen (C)
Phyllis Morris (L)
Alice Tipton (L)
John Gentry (C)
OMS Representative (L)
Mexico General Superintendent (C)
Myanmar General Superintendent (C)

Chair: David Hayes (C)
Dennis Nail (L)
Brian Moss (L)
Richie Stone (C)
James Coulston (C)


(C=Clergy; L=Lay person)

Chair: BMR Chair (C)
Colin Conner (C)
Ken Swearingen (C)
Jack Conner (C), Consultant

Court of Appeals
Jim Townson (C)
Wes Mackey (C)
John Hardman (C)
Jeff Williamson (C)
John Gentry (C)
Floyd B’Hymer (C)
Scott Pacifico (C)

Chair: International General Superintendent (C)
Grace Coulston (L)
EMM President (L)
EMW President (L)
Steve Baker (C)
Paul Speagle (C)
Dean of USA Cabinet of Superintendents (C)

Cabinet of Superintendents (USA/Canada) (C)

General Secretary

International General Superintendent (C)
Mexico General Superintendent (C)
Myanmar General Superintendent (C)
General Secretary (C)
Cabinet of Superintendents (USA) (C)

Publications Department

Indian Cave Camp
Chair: Bob Conners (L)
Rickie Garner (L)
Rodney Lewis (L)
Camp Treasurer, Rickie Garner (L)
Trustees Chair, David Hayes (C)
Paul Speagle (C)
Brian Gordon (C), Consultant

International Evangelical School of Ministry (ESOM)
Chair, Jim Halbert (C)
Dori Halbert (C)
Jeremy Graves (C)