Williamson Endowment: Covenant Christian School Scholarships

Ed & Loretta Close Up (156x203) An endowment has been established at Evangelical Methodist Headquarters to provide scholarships for students needing financial assistance at the Covenant Christian School in Morgantown, West Virginia. The school was founded by Mrs. Loretta and Dr. Ed Williamson in 1992 with pre-school, K3-K4-K5 classes. The school has since added grades through middle school/junior high. The staff has ministered to over 1800 students, many of whom have served in blue and white collar professions in the USA. 
The General Board of Finance of the Evangelical Methodist Church will manage the endowment, distributing annually up to 80% of the interest, with the remaining 20% added to the principle. If Covenant Christian School ceases to exist, the endowment will serve One Mission Society to assist in the education of children of their missionaries.  Loretta At Podium (335x173)


The endowment wil begin once the balance has reached at least $25,000. Capin and Crouse of Greenwood, Indiana, will perform the annual audit that is published by the Evangelical Methodist Church.


Children Singing (270x195) “Mrs. Williamson…I am majoring in percussion performance at Depaul School of Music and I absolutely love what I am doing. I have found it to be a necessity to rely on Christ’s strength daily, and lately I have been learning how little my plans actually matter. I am learning to trust that whatever he has in store, my life is much greater than any plan or goal that I could work towards. Thank you for the education and influence in my early years.” February, 2012, Brittany Chipps


 Donations may be made online by visiting the following link:


Or mail directly to EMC International Headquarters at:
6838 South Gray Road
Indianapolis, IN  46237

Loretta Leading (295x214)

Thank you for your investment in ministry to children in West Virginia!