Credential/Church Reports

Instructions for Annual Reports

Every credential holder must file an annual report. Please follow these instructions carefully to complete your required report(s).

All required reports are now completed online. Since we currently do not have the ability to save a partially filled in report, each report must be completed at one sitting.

Click on the link for the desired report below and complete. The submitted report will be automatically emailed to the General Secretary and your Conference Superintendent. If you want a copy of your report emailed to you, make sure you add your email address in the proper box on the form.

If you do not have the ability to complete your report online and want a paper copy to submit, please contact Rev. Coulston at EMC Headquarters.

For Pastors in Charge of EMC Congregations
Submit Forms M1946, M1000 & M1005

Form M1946Have a copy of the church’s statistical report from last year summation of the 12 monthly Treasurer’s Reports (Form F900 page 14) ready for use in preparing this report.

The STATISTICAL Section reflects your personal compilation of ministry data for the year.
The FINANCIAL Section may be completed using the information from a compiled yearly treasurer’s report (F900).

Form M1000: This additional report is a record of your personal and church ministry for the year as well as your continuing education credits. It will be included as your personal report in the pre-conference materials and subsequent conference minutes. Concentrate on key accomplishments, plans for the New Year, and the ongoing denominational Missional Priorities.

Form M1005: This report is the Post-Annual Church Conference Report and includes boards and committee officers and staff information.

For All Other Elders, Admitted on Trial and Local Preachers

Form M1001: Complete and submit. For Superannuated or Supernumerary ministers, no report is required. However, we would appreciate hearing from you of any ministerial service, activities or functions.

For Deacons or Deaconesses

Form M1002: Complete and submit.

For All Credential holders

Code of Ethics

Upon becoming a credential holder, each minister is required to sign a Ministerial Code of Ethics. Each subsequent General Conference year all credential holders shall sign a reaffirmation of the Ministerial Code of Ethics. 
You can read and sign the 2018-2022 reaffirmation here: Code of Ethics

If you include your email address in the report(s), you will receive a copy of it once completed. If you do not have the ability to complete your required report online, please contact Rev. Couslton at EMC HQ to receive a paper copy to mail or fax in. All reports are required by January 31st.

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Links to Required Reports

Form M1000 EMC Pastor’s Ministry Report
Form M1001 EMC Credential Holders (Not pastoring EM Church)
Form M1002 Deacon/Deaconess
Form M1005 Post-Annual Church Conference Report
Form M1946 Statistical Report
Code of Ethics Reaffirmation 2018-2022