Youth Leadership Initiative

Mission: The Youth Leadership Initiative exists to identify and assist in the development of EMC youth who exhibit leadership potential or who express a call to ministry.

The Youth Leadership Initiative will fulfill its mission in the following ways:

1.) Leadership Initiative - A series of leadership training events held within the framework and schedule of other EMC events (youth camps, retreats, EMC District Conference meetings, General Conference, etc) designed for youth who are recommended for the Youth Leadership Initiative.
a. The purpose of the Leadership Initiative would be to provide specific avenues to develop leadership skill sets. This would involve discipleship and practical leadership application.
b. Leadership Labs would be conducted within the framework and schedule of events so as to not take away from the experience of the event. For example, Leadership Labs would be conducted during normal breakout sessions during camps and retreats. Youth participating in the Youth Leadership Initiative would be encouraged to attend District Meetings in their region where the Leadership Labs would be held as part of the meeting.

2.) Next Gen Pastors Initiative - Identifying youth who express a call to vocational ministry and encourage them in the pursuit of that call.
a. Work with approved Christian colleges to provide a presence at camps, retreats, and other EMC events.
b. Encourage participation in Leadership Labs, while also providing other specific opportunities for growth and development.
c. Work with pastors and conference superintendents to make clear the past towards ordination in EMC ministry.

3.)  Youth Ambassadors Initiative - A way to give youth representation and voice in setting the direction of EMC youth programs and activities.
a. Every church would be encouraged to identify youth who exhibit leadership potential, and all youth identified would be encouraged to participate in Leadership Labs.
b. One youth from each region would be chosen to act as youth ambassador.
c. Youth ambassadors will be invited to participate in most BYCM meetings.
d. Youth ambassadors will be asked to participate in EMC District and General Conferences as requested and would be recognized at those as Youth Ambassadors.


1.) The EMC Youth Initiative is open to any qualifying EMC youth.

2.) Youth participating in the Youth Initiative must be recommended by a pastor, youth pastor, youth leader, conference superintendent, or Board of Youth and Children's Ministry (BYCM) member.

3.) Youth must faithfully attend an Evangelical Methodist Church (THIS NEEDS TO BE CHANGED TO REFLECT GENERAL COUNCIL SUGGESTION.) and exhibit leadership potential.

4.) All youth wanting to participate in any program of the Youth Leadership Initiative must complete an online application.

5.) Youth wanting to serve as youth ambassadors must complete the Youth Ambassador section of the online application. One youth from each region will be chosen by the BYCM board.

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