Credential/Church Reports

Instructions for Annual Reports


SAME REPORTS IN THE SAME LOCATION AS LAST YEAR! The 2023/2024 online credential and church reports are located in our Planning Center server. They request the same information as years past but you will notice a different look. Every credential holder, except Superannuated ministers (Note the change below*) must file an annual ministry report. Senior Pastors of an Evangelical Methodist Church will need to file two – ONE ministry report and ONE church report. Please follow these instructions carefully to complete your required report(s).

Click on the link for the desired report below and complete. We cannot save a partially completed report. Therefore, each report must be finished once you start it. If you must exit your web browser, you will need to start the report over. Once submitted, your report will be automatically emailed to the General Secretary and your Conference Superintendent.

For ALL EMC Ministers (Elders, Admitted on Trial, Local Preachers, and Deacons/Deaconesses)

Individual Ministry Report: This ministry report works for all credential holders, so no matter what your current role or credential status is, this new report gathers the information we need. This new report requires less statistical data (e.g. jail service totals) and encourages more narrative reporting. You can include the statistics you track in the narrative section if you wish, but we don't require it. No report is required for Superannuated or Supernumerary ministers. (Note the change below*).

For Pastors in Charge of EMC Congregations

Local Church Report: Have a copy of the church’s statistical report from last year's summation of the 12 monthly Treasurer’s Reports (Form F900 page 14) ready for use in preparing this report.

The STATISTICAL Section reflects your annual compilation of ministry data for the church as a whole.

The FINANCIAL Section may be completed using the information from a compiled yearly treasurer’s report (F900).

*The delegates of the 2022 General Conference voted a change to the EMC Discipline concerning Superannuated ministers. According to ¶867 and ¶821-823, a Superannuated minister who re-enters the pastorate, is now required to complete a ministry report along with the Local Church Report.

For ALL Credential holders

Code of Ethics: Upon becoming a credential holder, each minister is required to sign a Ministerial Code of Ethics. Per EMC Book of Discipline ¶852, each subsequent General Conference year, all credential holders are required to sign a reaffirmation of the Ministerial Code of Ethics. If you haven't already done so, please read and sign the 2022-2026 reaffirmation.

If you do not have the ability to complete your required report online, please contact Rev. Hammond at EMC HQ to receive a paper copy to mail or fax in. The deadline for submission of all reports is January 31st.

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Links to Required Reports

Individual Ministry Report ALL EMC Ministers
Local Church Report Local Church Statistical Report
Code of Ethics Reaffirmation 2022-2026