Christian Education

Education is a conventional term for the process by which we acquire the tools for learning. Where Christian Education is concerned, those tools are intended to help us become true Disciples of Jesus Christ. Reflecting on the words of Proverbs 9:10 helps us to understand that more than just learning bible stories or doctrines, Biblical Discipleship must be a journey of character formation that pivots on the acquisition and application of those critical thinking skills necessary for a lifetime of learning. As the Apostle Paul asserts in Romans 1:16-17, it is the process by which we are restored to our proper place in creation as we mature from Faith to Faith. 


This is why we have begun developing an open-source Resource Library. Follow the links below to check out the reviews of materials that have been used for Christian Education by members of our EMC churches. Some of these materials are easy to use, and some are more difficult. Some are very much Wesleyan in orientation, and others will require a lot of discernment on your part. This is all spelled out clearly in the reviews. If you have experience with a resource already listed in our Library, please consider submitting your own review for us to add to the ones that already exist. The more reviews we can aggregate, the more people will have to consider when perusing the Library for ideas. If you have a resource that you would like us to include in the Library, we would love for you to submit that recommendation as well. 

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The General Board of Christian Education is under the direction and control of the General Conference of the Evangelical Methodist Church, operating under the guidelines of the Discipline of the Evangelical Methodist Church. Our Mission is to promote, develop, and encourage Christian Education in all areas of life, evaluating existing models of learning and developing new ones that will facilitate the transformation of people and the way they live in everyday life as they seek to follow God and His teachings and live according to the Word of God. We seek to accomplish this by recommending Christian Education materials for our local churches, sponsoring workshops throughout our regions, and at our general meetings. 

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