EMC Credentials and Ministerial Education

Pastoral ministry is a challenging calling and one that should be entered into solemnly.  Our churches need highly devoted men and women in various roles of leadership, and the EMC stands ready to explore a partnership with you as a potential leader and minister.

If you are indeed interested in pursuing ministerial credentials with the EMC, we would love to talk with you!  A general outline of the process is detailed in this document: Procedures for Persons Seeking EMC Credentials.  Should you require additional ministerial education in order to achieve your goals, you may choose to enroll in an approved institution of higher learning, and a list of pre-approved colleges and seminaries is contained in the Haggard School of Ministry (HSOM) General Catalog.  

If that is not your desire, or is impossible for you, the EMC’s Haggard School of Ministry provides a quality alternative that is affordable and offers face-to-face education in a largely distance-learning context.  The Haggard School is primarily established to be a more flexible and lower-cost option for those seeking credentials, but is also available to everyone who wishes to pursue a quality Biblical and practical education.  In fact, any EMC congregant 18 years of age or older (with a high school diploma or equivalent) may apply to simply audit HSOM courses for “Personal Enrichment.”  Please do note that taking courses or completing levels in HSOM does not guarantee approval of an EMC credential application.  EMC credentialing requires education,  but entrance in the Haggard School does not require a credential.

And again, if college or seminary training is not possible for you, The Haggard School of Ministry now offers alternative coursework necessary to achieve full Elders Orders in the EMC.  Persons pursuing ordination in the EMC through the Haggard School will need to satisfy the Local Preacher curriculum as well as the scope and sequence of classes required of Elders.

Full academic training is necessary for achieving ministerial status, but there are also ongoing requirements for Continuing Education Units (CEUs), and the Haggard School of Ministry and the EMC’s General Board of Ministerial Education set those standards and offer suggestions for achieving ongoing CEUs.  

All HSOM courses are taught at the undergraduate (college) level and may count for academic credit at Ohio Christian University.

The goals of the Haggard School are: 
• To provide academic courses that will enable ministerial candidates to gain proficiency in general education, Bible, theology, and pastoral ministry.
• To provide students with the Biblical, theological, and practical skills necessary to perform the ministerial tasks to which they have been called.
• To instill in candidates a commitment to Christ-like living.
• To inspire candidates to embrace John Wesley’s vision for world-wide evangelism, “The World, My Parish.”

Click here to download the HSOM General Catalog