EMC Missions

We have restarted EMC MISSION TRIPS under the name "Mission Exposure!"  We have two trips already planned, and you are invited to join!  

  • Monterrey, Mexico July 22-30, 2024
  • Manila, Philippines December 26, 20-24 - January 2, 2025

There is room for 12 individuals to join the Walkers on these trips.  If you are interested in participating, please fill out the application:


Bill and Lisa Walker have started a new communications "brand" for their work with the EMC Board of World Missions.  "The Thread" sews together the global conferences of EMC International to highlight our connection, and encourage prayer, giving, and participation between all six global conferences (USA, Mexico, Myanmar, Asia Pacific, Christ for All Nations, and South Africa.

Find us on YouTube @TheThreadEMC. Here is one of our recent videos:


Bill and Lisa Walker are the EMC Missionaries who serve with the EMC (not with another organization such as One Mission Society or World Gospel Mission).  They live outside Athens, Georgia (Go DAWGS!!) and they serve the global EMC family.

The Walkers are supported through contributions given by EMC members and local churches; they are not paid from the budget of the EMC General Conference.  Click here to support their ministry.

Revs. Bill and Lisa have served as pastors of Tilton EMC in Deep River, Iowa, and Grace EMC in San Diego, California.  In August 2001 they went to Mexico as EMC missionaries under the Board of World Missions alongside Vernon and Ruth Perkins, John and Paula Gentry, and Meda Jane Leach.  The Walkers lived in Torreon, in the state of Coahuila, serving in several capacities, including as youth leaders in the local EMC, and teachers at the Life and Truth Bible Institute.  Bill also served as sector coordinator (similar to an assistant superintendent) and finally as director of the Life and Truth Bible Institute in what was to be their final year, 2008.  They returned to the US for security reasons, but have remained closely involved with EMC's multicultural and mission work.  



The Walkers were the last US missionaries to depart an EMC mission field.  Since then, the Board of World Missions has not sent American missionaries to live in foreign countries.  In that respect, our missions program is unique. 

The EMC denomination is comprised of six "Global Conferences:"  USA (the founding conference), Mexico, Myanmar, CFAN (Christ for all Nations), Asia Pacific, and South Africa (affiliated in that order).  Each Global Conference follows the EMC Discipline, adjusted as needed to allow for respective national laws and cultural differences.  The Articles of Faith are not negotiable.  Each Global Conference has its own General Superintendent and is self-governing, self-funding, and self-propagating.  (Click this link for further understanding on this missiological topic.) The Global Conferences are not dependent upon the USA Conference, rather we all strive to work in harmony.  

The Walkers play a leading role in helping conduct this "orchestra" in a Kingdom spirit, alongside and answerable to the EMC International General Superintendent, Rev. Max Edwards.  To this end, the General Superintendent of each Global Conference is an ex-officio member of the EMC Board of World Missions, co-chaired by Bill and Lisa Walker.


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Bill and Lisa need your prayer and financial support.  They are paid only through your generous gifts.  We encourage you give to the Walkers' ministry by through our ONLINE GIVING platform or by mailing your support check to:

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