Heritage Learning Center

Our founder, Dr. J. H. Hamblen, looked forward to the day when the EMC would have an education and training ministry for pastors and other Christian workers.

“We contend for high scholarship coupled with Holy Ghost religion, for we think they can and must go together.”  – from a tract by J. H. Hamblen

Since the sun never sets on the Evangelical Methodist Church, we are preparing to expand the EMC Hamblen-Bruner Headquarters building to accommodate a media and learning center which will provide online seminars and education in the USA and around the world. With our extension into Asia and Africa, the challenge for education and training of pastors and other church leaders has greatly expanded. With today’s media capabilities of simulcasting and on-line communications, EMC training can be made available fromm a central location to any country where we have churches. No one needs to train alone.

The Haggard School of Ministry (HSOM) was successfully launched August 2014 for the training of lay people for licensing as deacons and deaconness, and for the beginning steps for the ordination of elders. HSOM is an onsite intensive two-week curriculum with faculty, for studies in history, polity and theology.

The Evangelical School of Ministry (ESOM), launched September 2014, is a three-year academic program of three sessions each year with the goal of preparing our men and women for pastoral ministry and missionary assignments around the globe.

The name “Heritage” is appropriate as we will honor the labor of many who gave themselves to the Lord to establish the Evangelical Methodist Church. You, as an EMC member, have the opportunity to honor a loved one, pastor, superintendent, family member or other leader who impacted your spiritual life.

The Heritage Learning Center new wing has increased Headquarters by approximately 2700 sq. ft.

We have established three specific levels for giving as exhibited below:

Level One: $10,000 gift in memory of, or honoring an individual, couple, or family member will have a laser portrait sketch displayed.

Level Two: $2,500 gift in memory of, or honoring an individual, couple, or family member will have their names inscribed on a plague to be displayed.

Level Three: $500 gift in memory of, or honoring an individual or couple, or family member will have their name(s) on a brass name plate. Churches and family members have an opportunity to honor someone who influenced them with the Gospel.

Donations for any amount will also be received for the general project.

To give, go to our ONLINE GIVING PAGE or send your gift to:

Evangelical Methodist Church
P.O. Box 17070
Indianapolis, IN  46217