Global Missions & Special Projects

PACKS Ministry

PACKS, “Praying And Caring for the Kingdom’s Servants” is a family missions project that allows you and your family to create a bag (pack) filled with useful items for families in remote villages overseas. The ministry’s goal is to encourage families to learn about and share with those less fortunate as an expression of God’s love. These packs can be mailed to or dropped off at our EMC International Headquarters.

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Monetary contributions may be made through our secure online giving or by sending a check to:

Evangelical Methodist Church International Headquarters
P.O. Box 17070
Indianapolis, IN 46217
Designate as “PACKS Ministry”.


Bibles for Myanmar

God has blessed the efforts of the Myanmar Christians inside the 10/40 window with over 3,500 salvations since 2012. Their project is, “Bibles for Myanmar ,” and to date, 3,000 first generation Christians are without Bibles.  Their goal is huge but their faith is strong. Prior to 2012, the village of Paletwa was filled with Animists who believe the plant world is filled with mystical powers. Because of the faith and generous giving from their meager incomes, the Myanmar EMC Christians have seen over 2.000 people in the Paletwa region turn from their Animist worship and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. After seeing God lovingly care for their needs through the EMC Myanmar missionaries they wanted to know more about “their God.”

What we so readily take for granted, they do not have – a Bible to read and study in order to grow deeper in Christian faith. For six US dollars each, the EMC Myanmar can order Burmese Bibles translated by Adnorium Johnson. We ask that you join us in the goal of 3,000 Bibles for 3,000 Christians in need.

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Contributions may be made through our secure online giving or by sending a check to:

Evangelical Methodist Church International Headquarters
P.O. Box 17070
Indianapolis, IN 46217
Designate as “Bibles for Myanmar”.


Hamblen Endowment Fund

Dr. Hamblen, the founder of the Evangelical Methodist Church in 1946, had a rich and productive ministry. The conversion of his son, singer/songwriter, Stuart Hamblen, can be heard in Dr. Hamblen’s own words hereStuart Hamblen was a product of Dr. Billy Graham’s early tent crusades in Los Angeles, CA.

The Hamblen Endowment Fund consists of two funds. Mr. and Mrs. Julius Bruner established an endowment on behalf of Dr. J.H. Hamblen and his ministry to the Evangelical Methodist Church. This fund supports the ministries of the denomination.

An Education Endowment was also established in Dr. Hamblen’s name to assist the cost of education for ministerial students. Service Grants are awarded to qualified ministerial students preparing for the ordained ministry of the Evangelical Methodist Church.

Contributions may be made through our secure online giving or by sending a check to:

Evangelical Methodist Church International Headquarters
P.O. Box 17070
Indianapolis, IN 46217
Designate as “Hamblen Endowment”


Loretta Williamson Covenant Christian School Endowment Scholarship

Scholarships from this endowment will provide for needy children to attend Covenant Christian School founded in 1992 by Loretta and Ed Williamson in Morgantown, WV.

Covenant Christian School has ministered to over 1800 students since it’s beginning. These students now serve in both the blue and white collar professions in the U.S.A.

For more information:

Loretta Williamson Covenant Christian School Endowment Brochure


Water Wells

Every year the Evangelical Methodist Church will be providing water wells in Myanmar and on the continent of Africa in the countries of Togo, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya, Liberia and other countries where the Evangelical Methodist Church has congregations.The EMC will provide as many wells as the USA local churches provide the funds. This ministry is combined with evangelism and discipleship and church planting in unreached villages by the EMC congregations of that particular country. We partner with One Mission Society in Every Community for Christ village church planting and with Mercy Inc. for the well drilling.

2015 Myanmar Water Well Projects:
Tahan, Rehoboth, Dither, and Tuningo
$300 to $500 for shallow wells, $770 for deep wells

2015 Africa Water Well Projects:
Bas-Congo $550 to $1,000 for average wells


Buses for the DRC

The goal for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is to become self sufficient and allow the church to rise above an “entitlement mentality”. Buses for the DRC is a project in which buses are purchased here in the United States and shipped by container to Kinshasa. The buses will be used to transport people during the week and will employ local church people. On Sundays they will be used to transport people to church. The people are poor and the government welcomes small businesses. This is a worthy project for a local church.

Buses for the DRC are between $7,000 and $10,000.


Agricultural Farming in Bas-Congo

With 80 million hectares (hectare = 2.47 acres) of arable land, climatic diversity, and abundant water, the agronomic potential of the Democratic Republic of Congo is matched only by Brazil. However, like much of the world, the DRC has traditionally relied on small scale agriculture. With rudimentary production technology, poor agricultural practices and lack of investment, DRC agricultural production has been stagnant or in decline. The goal is to reverse this trend by purchasing plants, seeds and necessary equipment in order to provide farming jobs to the people of Bas-Congo.

Cost for a farm is $500.


Mexico Mission Projects

There are many projects in Mexico that local churches or individuals can give toward. Please note the project number when giving to a Mexico Mission Project.

Project #1 – Remodeling & enlarging of the church in Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua. Pastor Daniel Duran leads the congregation of approximately 250. The church also operates a Christian School. Project Cost: $ 20,000.

Project #2 –  Remodeling the church parsonage in San Juanito, Chihuahua. The home needs new floors, drywall, and the roof repaired. Antonio del Angel is the Pastor. Project Cost: $ 2,000.

Project #3 – Two Communion Sets with a knob on the cover (note: not a Cross) to be purchased in the U.S.A. and carried into Mexico. This is for local churches in the Mission. Project Cost: $ 450.

Project #4 – Completing the second floor and roof of the Torreon Church educational building. The church has completed the walls with locally raised funds. Funds are needed before the coming fall rains ruin the first floor ceiling. Project Cost: $ 10,000.

Project #5 – Three projectors for three local churches and for the General office. To be purchased in the U.S.A. and carried into Mexico. Project Cost: $ 2,000.

Project #6 – Construct new roof on the Torreon Mission Church. Project Cost: $ 1,000.

Project #7 – New construction of sanctuary in Madera, Chihuahua. Project Cost: $ 25,000.

Project #8 – Purchase office equipment (Laptop and copy machine) for Headquarters.