Youth Leadership Initiative

The Youth Leadership Initiative exists to identify and assist in the development of EMC youth who exhibit leadership potential or who express a call to ministry. We want to help you be the leader God is calling you to be!

3 Ways to Get Involved with the Youth Leadership Initiative

1.) Leadership Initiative - You feel called to leadership.  We’ll help you develop your leadership skills by inviting you to participate in a series of leadership events held during other EMC events (youth camps, retreats, EMC Journeys and Conferences).  We won’t just talk about leadership.  We’ll give you opportunities to be the leader God has called you to be.

2.) Next Gen Pastors Initiative - You feel called to vocational ministry (pastor, youth pastor, missionary, etc…)  Sometimes it’s hard to know what to do when you are called into ministry.  We’ll walk beside you to help you take the steps needed to make ministry a reality.

3.) Youth Ambassadors Initiative - We’re looking for ambassadors who will represent the youth in their districts or regions.  We’ll invite you to help us plan events, and you’ll also be invited to participate in EMC District and General Conferences.  Youth Ambassadors will be required to take part in the Leadership Initiative as well.


  • Open to any qualifying EMC youth (12 years old – 24 years old)
  • You must receive a pastor, youth pastor, youth leader, conference superintendent, or Board of Youth and Children’s Ministry recommendation
  • You must faithfully attend an Evangelical Methodist Church, or a church pastored by an EMC Pastor. Children of EMC pastors not currently pastoring an EMC are eligible as well.

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